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Big Band Scores

Our Big Band Scores is a selection of arrangements of classic South African jazz standards as well as some new compositions by South African contemporary jazz composers. Compoisitions include works by Zakes Nkosi, Errol Dyers, Douglas Armstrong as well as the well-known classic vocal tune by Alan Salinga "Ntyilo, Ntyilo" arranged by Mike Campbell (Associate Professor at the Jazz Dept of University of Cape Town).

A number of other arrangements are by Jannie 'Hanepoot' van Tonder, who for the last 6 years has been running his own independent Big Band playing only South African tunes, and Darryl Andrews, lecturer in Arrangement at UCT.

Most of our scores have been part of the regular repertoire of Hanepoot & the Biggish Band (refer the CD available at, others have been performed by the University of Cape Town's College of Music Big Band, and the MIAGI National Youth Big Band in 2007 and 2008.

These scores are generally aimed at being playable by advanced Highschool Big Bands or any University Big Bands. We've used 3 levels of complexity within this range
  • Beginner: no range, reading or technical diffulty
  • Intermediate: requires reasonable reading skills, and at least strong lead players in all sections
  • Advanced: mostly relates to more complex reading and/or time signatures, range etc

Composer Arranger Level
Waiting for Phoebe Douglas Armstrong
Stywepap en Bredie David Ledbetter David Ledbetter Intermediate
10 10 Special Zakes Nkosi Jannie van Tonder Intermediate
Jackpot Zakes Nkosi Jannie van Tonder Intermediate
Nonto Sangoma Zakes Nkos Jannie van Tonder Beginner
Mra Dudu Pukwana Jannie van Tonder Advanced
Ntyilo Ntyilo Allan Salinga Mike Campbell Intermediate
Blue Prints Merton Barrow Merton Barrow Intermediate
Langery Errol Dyers Jannie van Tonder Intermediate
Rio de Quesos Douglas Armstrong

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